6-Figure Breakthrough for Network Marketers 

It's time to 'Level The Playing Field'

by simply teaching YOU what we know.
How did we get to the TOP and earn MILLIONS?

We'll show you how!


Oct 11 & 12, 2017

8:00pm CST

9:00pm EST

Here's the thing... Carter Leadership Development (Steve and Pasha Carter) have
received your questions; read the many requests; and have decided IT'S TIME...
time to PERSONALLY help YOU take your business and your life to the next level of Unbelievable Success, Power, and Money!

You've been waving your flags to get our attention, & now it's up to you!  We're excited and ready to share exclusive information to Highly-Motivated & "Ready To Get-It-Done" Network Marketers 

who want CONSISTENT and MASSIVE results in their business; and want to learn the best ways to prospect, present, sell, and build a Money Team!

Let's start right from the top - Who is ready to have a Network Marketing 6-Figure Breakthrough?  

Who is ready to break all the rules, rake in the partners, sell your products and/or services, and expand your business?

Great!  We know we're talking to a true leader.

Let's get you registered & secure your spot!

Carter Leadership Development (Steve and Pasha Carter) have over 20+ years of industry experience individually, and 40+ years collectively!  And, on top of that, it comes with success stories of earning millions of dollars in the network marketing industry. 


With the overwhelming demand of requests from an elite group of network marketers - you - we have decided to sit down and share what it takes to completely learn, commit and grow a successful 6-figure network marketing business.  Now, you may be thinking, why only 6-figures?... they've made millions.  Yes, that is true.  But, let's face it... once you master the techniques of earning 6-figures; turning the corner to 7-figures is within reach.  So, let's start at 6-Figures!  Everyone okay with that?  Yes and yes!


The 6-Figure Breakthrough Course is for Network Marketers that have limited time, but unlimited faith in themselves and the industry.  For those of you that have EVER thought... "If only someone would take the time to walk me through what to do...step-by-step, I would absolutely do exactly what's taught." (Yes...Hand-holding in this business is okay!


On October 11 & 12, we will share exclusive success secrets, techniques, and tools to break the barriers and rules to a 6-Figure Breakthrough once and for all!

What You Do Know for a Fact:

  1. You are a powerful force to be reckoned with when you receive the tools to be successful!

  2. You would like to shave off years of "failing forward" to get the exact winning formula!

  3. You're willing to put in the work to get the results you want in your business, that will ultimately upgrade your life!

Is there more to this process?  What?  Yes, and we're going to show you exactly what you need to know, how to get it done, and the exact steps we took (and take) to propel our businesses to the next level!


Our unique training methods of "no-fluff-needed" approach get results in each business we've been a part of.  Yes, we've built successful downlines and made ourselves millions of dollars and helped the companies reach HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, but we feel that we owe it to you, to pull back the curtain, open up the playbooks and share from the sidelines the winning plays to get you to your goal.


What we plan to share with you works for in-person, direct-response and online marketing!

Imagine you get to sit in a virtual class, learn, take notes, get your questions answered and be around like-minded people who are also building towards their 6-Figure Breakthrough.  This is what we feel the part- and full-time Network Marketer is all about when you level the playing field and everyone can get a piece of the residual income pie, but now you will know how to not ask for a larger piece, but expect and get it!


This two-part online GENERIC Network Marketing Course, is powerful and will provide you step-by-step behind the scenes access to the Carters! 


Part 1 

  • The Science of Network Marketing

  • What's all the Hype with Network Marketing?  Can YOU/I really get paid that much money? 

  • Mistakes and Pitfalls

  • Recruiting Like a Pro & Staying in Phase 1

  • Presenting and Selling Your Products Like a Pro 

Part 2

  • Team Building Breakthrough Techniques

  • How to Keep the Team in Full Momentum

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Q&A

  • And, so much more!